About Us

The Centre for Dreams began with Elaine Vollett, the mother of an adult with a developmental disability. When her son turned 21, and was no longer able to remain in the school system, Elaine began a program which would allow her son, and many others, the chance to experience life and all the experiences life has to offer.

As a registered charity, The Centre for Dreams relies heavily on generous contributions from foundations, corporations and individuals. We are grateful to our donors for their support, and pledge to continue to earn their trust by maximizing the funds we invest in education and our programs. Your support will help us on our way to becoming a more sustainable organization.

The Centre for Dreams strives to bring to life the vision of our founder. With the help of our friends and supporters we will continue to do so … and realize the ultimate vision of assisting our incredible members to live their lives with independence, dignity and respect.


The mission of The Centre for Dreams is to enhance the knowledge of our clients with developmental disabilities in a variety of settings, and to empower them within their community to become independent, dignified and respected members. We are dedicated to providing the opportunities and the means for our youth and adult members to focus on their abilities and not their disabilities through educational, social and life skill programs. We are one community with countless Dreams.

Our Philosophy

At The Centre for Dreams we treat each individual with a positive approach, based on their abilities and their uniqueness. We strive to do the following:

  • To develop friendships between members of the community and the participants themselves.
  • To work with what the participants can do and adapt to their situations.
  • To treat each individual with dignity, respect and without judgment.
  • To foster independence and self confidence.
  • To develop new skills while enhancing existing skills.
  • To discover new interests and abilities.
  • To promote public awareness of the challenges faced by individuals with developmental disabilities.
  • To provide up to date information and links to community resources.
  • To assist individuals with developmental disabilities to access appropriate community and government services.

Our Vision

Our vision at The Centre for Dreams is that all youth and adults living with a developmental disability have full access to community resources and social supports in an accessible and non-judgmental setting. We will continue to provide high quality and innovative support services that respond to the changing needs of each individual. Continued emphasis will be placed on the provision of services through collaboration.